Looking for Real Estate property in Parkland, Florida? Parkland, Florida is one of the best-kept secrets in South Florida and you get the feeling that Parkland residents want to keep it that way. Despite being virtually surrounded by busy highways and busy communities, Parkland has been able to maintain a very low-key, low-impact development feel. Although there are only the vestiges of any family ranches left in Parkland, it is not uncommon to see people on horseback, strolling along busy Holmberg Rd.

Parkland is one of the few places in South Florida where planned housing developments do not dominate. In that respect, the community provides a high level of variety in housing styles and also in ages of homes from roughly 20 years old (that’s an older home for Florida) to new. The landscape tends to more natural Florida landscape including numerous tall pine trees and cypress. In many areas, lot sizes tend to be large by Florida standards ranging from 3 acres and up in the Parkland Ranches area to 1 acre approximately, in the Pine Tree Estates area, to more conventional size lots in the newer planned, gated developments.

Even though the City of Parkland has purposely limited commercial development, residents enjoy convenient and nearby choices for shopping, eating and other commercial activities in either neighboring Coral Springs or Boca Raton, just a 10 minute drive away.

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Parkland communities include: Heron Bay Parkland, Heron Cove Parkland, Highlands Parkland, In The Pines Parkland, Lakes of Parkland, Landings Parkland, Landings Estates Parkland, Mayfair Parkland, Meadow Run Parkland, Mews Parkland, Oldebrook Parkland, Parkland Isles Parkland, Parkwood Parkland, Pine Tree Estates Parkland, Bay Cove, BBB Ranches, Castle Rock, Country Point, Country Place, Cypress Head, Cypress Cay, Cypress Trail, Edgewood, Fox Ridge, Grand Cypress,, Pointe Parkland, Ranches Parkland, Reserves Parkland, Riverside Acres Parkland, Sable Pass Parkland, Tall Pines Parkland, Ternbridge Parkland, Terramar Parkland, Terramar Mill Run Parkland, Vistas Parkland, Whittier Oaks Parkland, Waterford Parkland and Waters Edge Parkland.

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